Saturday, August 27, 2011

Youngest Man to Swim Lake Huron Survives the Swim as of Noonish Today

So there's this whole Extreme Sport about swimming across the Great Lakes going on, mostly in Lake Erie and Lake Ontario for obvious reasons. They've got spans of 20 miles across instead of, you know, 40. I say that in jest, of course. It's really all the same level of impossibility to me...

...and yet today a 24 year old became the youngest swimmer to swim across Lake...

Wait...Lake HURON?!?


24-year-old London, Ont., man has become the youngest person to swim across Lake Huron.

Justin Kloss entered the water in Port Sanilac, Michigan on Friday morning to start the 65-kilometre journey.

He reached the shore in Grand Bend, Ont., just before noon today. Money raised from the charity swim will go to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Mr. Kloss made the swim to raise tons of cash for the Canadian Cancer Society.


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