Monday, August 29, 2011

High School Kids Discover Not One But Two, Century Old Ship Wrecks in Lake Huron

I'm a huge fan of discovery in our back yards. Looking in a familiar place and finding something new and exciting right under your nose. It's even more compelling to me that these types of discoveries are far more accessible than the discoveries in exotic, distant places. When I hear about a farmer plowing his field and he unearths evidence of an ancient people. That's exciting.

Or in this case...when some high school kids find not one, but TWO century old shipwrecks in Lake Huron near their own homes. That's pure good right there.

This quote from Tirrea Billings wells me up.

"I'm so used to, you know, being in the class room and being in one place and just being here. But when, like, I got to go out there and experience all this different technology and things that I never even heard of, it made me realize that there's so much that the world has to offer..."

The kids were selected from Arthur Hill High School Saginaw, Michigan, to be part of a documentary about ship wreck exploration. Saginaw, like many of the industrial parts of Michigan, has been hit hard over the past decade by the decline and flight of manufacturing...they've been languishing for a very long time.

It's exciting to see some attempts made to show kids in that region that there's still a big, unexplored world of possibility waiting out there for them. And it's right next door.

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