Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Canning My Scant Harvest of Heirloom Tomatoes

I'm afraid my camera is broken, folks. I'm starting to feel a little self conscious that I've been using primarily stock imagery...and I'd love nothing more than to show images of my Lake, my Dunes, my City...

...one thing, this year, I'm a little glad not to have to take pictures of is my organic garden. I expanded it to about 600 square feet this year and planted over 40 heirloom tomatoes and so far, mid August, I've got almost a quarter of a bushel of tomatoes to show for it. Not a lot. I've been whacked by a fungus, and my green beans were attacked by some sort of bugs...I think grasshoppers. My tomatillo plants are producing small fruit. And everythign else seems a bit stunted. So far the watermelon plants look okay and the acorn squash plant is producing some acorn squash. My cabbages are doing okay. I've got about 25 to 30 of those.

Anyway...tonight, I'm canning tomatoes. I've got some amish paste tomatoes and some Sheboygan tomatoes and I'm going to can 'em on up so they don't go bad on me. It will make me feel good to know that at least I canned SOME of my tomatoes, even if it's not the torrent of food I had been hoping for.

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