Friday, August 19, 2011

Today is the day you create a job.

If you happen to be part of the American Dream and you have a house, it's bound to happen.

Somebody is going to knock on your front door, and you'll answer it and see it's somebody you either do not know or it's somebody you sort of tangentially know. Maybe it's some kid. Maybe it's a couple kids. Maybe it's a scruffy middle aged man or woman and maybe they have kids with them.

And they say to you "Hey, I'm going around seeing if I can mow peoples' lawns or sweep your driveway."

And your first impulse may be to say, "Oh, no thanks!" Maybe the thought of parting with $10 or $20 for somebody to mow your lawn sends you into mild panic...or maybe you simply don't have $10 or $20. Or maybe you are just so overwhelmed with other stuff right now, that this isn't a decision you want to make at this very moment and you resent the interruption, resent being pressed to make a decision about something you hadn't wanted to make a decision about.

This happened to me today, and my impulse was to withdraw and go into my hording mode. Things have been tight for a long time, and my impulse was to just say "Sorry, we're broke."

But before you do or say anything, I encourage folks to wait a moment and ponder the dynamic presented to you.

Somebody is at your door, looking for work.

They're not looking for a hand out. They're looking for WORK, and they're going from house to house to find it. It's discouraging, hard work.

Maybe today is the day you say "You know what? I DO need my lawn mowed." And maybe if you don't have enough dough, you can find out how much money you DO have and you can ask them what that much money will buy ya. I bet it will buy a lot.

Because I hear so much talk on Conservative TV shows and radio shows of down and out people being lazy, expecting America to carry their water for them, and not willing to work. And the thing is, I have NO IDEA who where all these lazy bastard mainstream Americans are. Cuz the down and out folks i know are some of the most enthusiastic workers that I know.

Conservative commentators look out into America and see a sea of lazy. I look out into America and see a vast expanse of hard working and innovative people doing everything they can to stay afloat.

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Cathleen said...

I get quite a few offers in my neighborhood like that, especially in the winter to shovel snow.

The ones who think that everyone is just looking for a handout are simply trying to justify their own greed. Or racism. Or both.