Monday, August 29, 2011

Eric Cantor is SO RIGHT about American families

Virginia congressman Eric Cantor, whose district was recently just dealt a double blow by an earthquake and then a hurricane, really has his thumb on the pulse of the average American family:

"Disaster relief has been offset by savings elsewhere. Just like any family would operate when struck with disaster. It finds the money to care for a sicked loved one and then goes without buying that new car or addition onto the house"

Eric Cantor is SO RIGHT. When most of us average American families are struck with disaster, like a sick loved one, we have to finance it by stopping construction on our home addition, or by putting off buying that brand new automobile.

Am I right, guys? three years ago when our youngest was born and we had crap insurance and instead of sinking $12,000 into medical debt from the delivery of our child we merely put off buying that Cadillac Escelade Airplane Yacht we were going to buy for a couple weeks so we could pay for our family needs.

Or, like...when my dad had that quadruple heart bypass surgery and had a $60,000 bill from the hospital and my parents had to put off that 17th bedroom addition they were going to add to store their diamond encrusted thoroughbred racehorse.

Yeah, Eric Cantor sure knows average American families. When we have emergencies we simply deny ourselves some luxury or another for a trifle of time to pay for our loved one's needs.

Cuz...American families certainly wouldn't go into medical debt and spend absolutely anything to keep their mother, father, child alive and healthy.

Heck, if they did, that would mean Eric Cantor has been away from average Americans for far too long and is horribly, hopelessly out of touch.

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