Saturday, August 20, 2011

You're doing something right when your 7 year old requests broiled trout

I've been on a fish kick lately.

For breakfast I had bluegill caught from an inland lake a couple miles away and a half head of fried, shredded cabbage from my garden.

For dinner we're having broiled lake trout.

Why broiled lake trout? WHY broiled lake trout? Because my SEVEN YEAR OLD REQUESTED it, that's why.

Today is my second time in my life using the Broil setting on our gas range. So far seems pretty simple and very fast. Put the fish in for 10 minutes, at most, take it out, paint it with whatever sauce you've prepared and you're done. Not bad.

I used to fry just about every fish I ate. I have to say, the new methods of preparation I've been exploring have made all the difference. I prepared my bluegill this morning in a light helping of olive oil on a pan with white pepper and parsley flakes. It was awesome. Tonight I'm making broiled trout with a sauce that's made out of lemon juice, butter, parsley flakes, white pepper, and salt. Also awesome.

I've been trying to eat more fish and less beef. And so far I seem to be successfully cultivating a taste for it in myself and my boys. Yum.

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