Sunday, August 21, 2011

Republicans sure do love to raise taxes on regular Americans

And as usual we see a Republican party not just willing to raise taxes on regular Americans, but EXCITED and PASSIONATE about doing it. Republicans can't wait to raise taxes on regular Americans.

The same folks who dug their heels in on rescinding the Bush Tax Cut on millionaires and billionaires are NOW DEMANDING that the payroll tax holiday for regular American workers be rescinded...they're blocking Obama's attempts to renew the payroll tax holiday for Americans receiving paychecks, which reduces the amount Americans pay in payroll taxes...

...the cynical game going on here is, Obama cut Americans' taxes and the Republicans in DC sure would LOVE to see those tax cuts go away on Obama's watch. But hey, if throwing hard working Americans under the bus in a hard economy is what it takes to can be certain the current Republican leadership is willing to do it.

That goes for the State as well as the Federal level. While Michigan's Republican leadership slashed taxes for large corporations they paid for those tax cuts by removing child tax credits for young families, the earned income tax credit for low wage WORKERS, the homestead tax credit for people who actually live in their homes and then started taxing pensions on older, retired Michiganders...

...Even as the Republican Party was screaming foul on removing tax credits for private jet owners they were taking a hammer to tax credits for families with children.

There's simply no middle class tax hike Republicans can say no to lately.

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