Thursday, August 18, 2011

Media Starts Reporting on Media Ignoring Ron Paul

In a particularly sadistic kick in the ribs, created a fully interactive tool for indicating just how thoroughly Ron Paul is ignored. For example you can make a line graph, or various types of bar graph to show how Ron Paul has been eschewed...I'm partial to pie charts, so I went with that:

As you can see by that orange sliver at the top, Ron Paul got that much media time following his second place showing in the Iowa Straw polls, with about 3.01% of the media time.

Here's a line graph I made:

I have named the photos, ignoringRonPaul.jpg and ignoringRonPaul2.jpg, respectively. As you can see....Ron Paul is, again, down there at the very bottom.

There are just so many ways we we can watch Ron Paul get belittled by Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and so on.

I think that Jon Stewart of the Daily Show did, however, talk about Ron Paul....but only to talk about how little people talk about him. Much like I'm doing now.

The site goes on to quote some Pew research tidbits to really rub it in:

29% - Percentage of Ron Paul’s campaign coverage in 2011 compared to Donald Trump's

In the days after his runner-up finish to Michele Bachmann in Iowa’s August 13 GOP straw poll, Texas Congressman Ron Paul complained about a lack of media coverage, accusing the press of being “frightened by me challenging the status quo and the establishment."

As pundits debate whether Paul is getting the attention he deserves, a PEJ analysis of campaign coverage this year indicates he is the 10th leading election newsmaker— trailing far behind non-candidates Donald Trump and Sarah Palin and as well as floundering Republican hopeful Newt Gingrich.

Ron Paul...coming in a close second behind Michelle coming in second in media coverage behind DONALD TRUMP who isn't even running anymore.

I mean...what? Is Ron Paul crazier than, say......Donald Trump? Or, say....Michelle Bachman? There's got to be a story behind this Ron Paul thing. Some weird shunning of the Freemasons or something.

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