Friday, August 26, 2011

Two New Electric Car Charging Stations Down By the Beach

It's a beautiful West Michigan evening. Warm. But not too warm. Crickets are chirping. I'm hanging out outside while my two small boys play in the part of our yard that they have transformed into their very own personal quarry.

I'm pondering my massive pile of oak logs. Now that the weather is cooling off I'll be back to splitting and stacking and splitting and stacking. In the garden, a forming bumper crop of acorn squash.

Yesterday the family drove down to Muskegon Lake because replicas of the Niña, the Pinta and the Santa Maria were supposedly sailing into the Great Lakes Marina. They never did come. But we did get a chance to drive down by Lake Michigan. We drove along the same, comfortable, familiar Pere Marquette Park drive I'd known my whole life...couples parked overlooking the lake from their cars, kids playing on the beach, old F150 pickup trucks from fishermen who fish off the pier...but yesterday there was something new.

Two brand new electric car charging stations stood, lit up in blue looking shiny and futuristic along the parking strip I'd known since my childhood.

Pretty cool.

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