Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And Here's Obama Roughing up a "White Woman" Plus Joe the Plumber

Sure, it's no George Bush massaging German Chancellor Angela Merkel's shoulders

But the Right is all about making a stink over Obama lightly touching the shoulder of a woman who was questioning him, with the race bating title "Obama grabs white woman to make her shut up." The title of the vid has been changed since the original posting. Watch the "grab" for yourself...

IN other news, Obama also roughed up Joe the Plumber when they spoke. Watch this similarly aggressive shoulder touch.

The man's a MANIAC! He's just so full of rage!

Looks like we're looking at a 2008 redux with Republicans trying to brand Obama a Muslim, a terrorist who hates America, a thug...anything to stir up suspicion in some racist nonsense, half cloaked in ultrasheer hate.

It didn't so much work then. Won't work now. I may turn out to rally around him liberals who had previously been luke warm or disillusioned.

Good luck, Republicans.

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