Thursday, August 11, 2011

This Is What a Jobs Program Can Do! Obama Returns to West Michigan to Highlight Green Manufacturing

Last night, Tea Party and Heritage Foundation faithful Bill Huizenga (MI2) held a town hall meeting where he tried to convince West Michigan that jobs programs don't work. Only tax cuts for him and his friends do.

Today, Barack Obama is coming back to Holland Michigan to show that jobs programs do, in fact work as he tours the Johnson Controls-Saft Factory, a new litium-ion battery manufacturing plant started from one of his administrations initiatives to re-stimulate American manufacturing.

This will be Obama's second visit to Holland, Michigan in ten months and his second advanced battery manufacturing plant ribbon cutting in the city.

Thirteen months ago, President Barack Obama’s visit brought a lot of excitement to Holland.

When Obama speaks at Johnson Controls this afternoon, the excitement will still be there; it will just be a little different.

“Having Obama here is a fantastic bit of exposure,” Holland Mayor Kurt Dykstra said. “To have that experience twice in a year is remarkable and unprecedented for our community.”

The president visited LG Chem in July 2010. This time, after a tour of the advanced battery plant, he is expected to discuss technology’s role in helping automakers achieve new fuel standards he announced last week.

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