Friday, August 26, 2011

Micro-mini cars at the St. Joseph vintage auto show to make you smile

Everything old is new again. Once upon a time, the world had tons of very tiny, fuel efficient cars.

Okay, mostly in England.

There are a bunch of one to two person micro-mini cars in a St. Joseph vintage auto show that just make me smile. I have to admit, I have a certain love for tiny cars.

See the actual cars here>>

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. -- Exhibitors, organizers and guests at the 2011 Krasl Concours here were delighted when the weather forecasters were wrong about a recent Saturday.

A morning thunderstorm passed north of this up-and-coming town on Lake Michigan and the seventh annual concours to benefit the Krasl Art Center proceeded.
Some 90 vehicles, from motorcycles and micro-mini cars to seven-passenger touring beauties and woodie wagons, were stationed in Lake Bluff Park to help mark the 100th anniversary of Chevrolet and celebrate the Krasl Art Center.

Here are a few pics from Flickr's creative commons I could scare up. But seriously, I'd go look at the actual cars in the show.

Photo by: Rex Gray - 1956 Isetta

Photo by: Rex Gray - 1969 Subaru 360

Photo by: jl.cernadas - 1968 Fiat 500

Photo by: jacoibo5731 - MOPAR Renault 12 SEAT600

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