Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Obama Fighting to Take Rightful Credit for Job Creation

The problem with being an actual job creator like Obama is that if you don't speak up and explicitly say "Yeah, those 600 new jobs in your city...that was from the policies I put forward. Remember that huge stimulus you love to hate? Right...yeah, that's where these jobs came from.." then people will just assume their favorite candidates did it, right or wrong. In the case of socially-conservative Holland, Michigan...that would be wrong.

Explicitly because of Obama's policies, BECAUSE of them, there are over 600 new jobs in Holland, Michigan making advanced batteries for electric cars at two new advanced battery manufacturing plants in Michigan.

BECAUSE of Democratic policies and the Obama administration's policies and Granholm's policies and support for renewable energy, Holland, Michigan, is ALSO home to a successful wind turbine blade manufacturing company called Energetx which employs hundreds more people in Holland.

Holland, by the way, isn't famous for its love for Democrats. But holy smokes are they major benefactors of Democratic policies. They sure do love the jobs Obama and Granholm dished out. Well over a thousand of them. And the DeVos family, also very anti-Democratic sure is willing to cash in on a new industry whose demand was fostered and established by Democratic policies....

Holland —
The Windquest Group, a private investment group headed by Dick and Betsy DeVos, has made an investment in Energetx Composites in Holland, Windquest announced Thursday.

The investment will be used to continue the scale-up of Energetx Composites’ manufacturing equipment for the production of utility-scale wind turbine blades, according to a news release from Energetx. Details of the transaction, including the amount of the investment, were not disclosed.

And now Gentex, an automotive parts manufacturer, is expanding in the area with plans to hire over 1100 new workers AGAIN in the Holland area. Zeeland to be specific. Gentex, courted by the Grahnolm administration with tax credits and abatements...then given a stable industry by Obama's rescue of the domestic auto industry. Again, another 1100 jobs created in an EXTREMELY conservative area based on Democratic policies and industrial and manufacturing support while Republicans screamed about picking winners and losers and the free market.

Thousands and thousands of jobs lured to a single region based almost exclusively on Democratic policies and incentives and support. And the kicker is, unless they are made ACUTELY aware that their city's well being and growth is coming on the backs of Democratic policies...this hyperconservative city will still probably vote Republican. They'll vote for the very people who once stood to obstruct every single step that lead to thousands of jobs in the Holland area.

It's infuriating.

And perhaps our President knows that. Perhaps that's why he's been to Holland, Michigan TWICE in the past year to speak at the opening of two different battery manufacturing plants in Holland.

Because if Obama doesn't do it...Bill Huizenga and Rick Snyder will take credit for the very things they tried to kill.

And we can't let them do that.

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