Friday, January 14, 2011


Tonight I'm baking a bit more bread and finishing up some soap I've recently made.

Making soap is ridiculously easy while producing a ridiculous amount of soap.

If you're into hording for the coming zombie apocolypse, making soap is an economical way to enable your own personal insanity. And it's cheap.

It's one of those things you learned about in high school economics where a cost-benefit analysis is supposed to show you that it's not worth your time to do X yourself.

But as it turns out, soap kind of is worth it. Anything that you can do while watching a couple episodes of Lost that saves you cash and shopping time over the course of the year is worth considering if you're int the market to keep your money in your pocket.


esp said...

Looks good! Which recipe did you end up using? Is one of those the bacon soap?

Muskegon Critic said...

It's a castile soap: lard, coconut oil, olive oil.