Sunday, January 16, 2011

Canada makes another pass at Michigan to build the DRIC bridge

A nice article on the Detroit River International Crossing .

It's an article written by Roy Norton, Canada's ambassador to Michigan as he tries to clear the air of suspicion about the bridge.

It basically goes like this "Hey, Detroit-Windsor is the busiest commercial border crossing in North America. We want a new bridge, and so does the US Government, and so do many of your businesses. We'll pay for most of it! And you won't owe us a thing, AND we'll split the ownership!"

One would imagine that Michigan would be glad to expand our role as the biggest thoroughfare to our largest importing and exporting partner, and that we'd embrace the 10,000 bridge-building jobs it would create.

And one would be wrong because one has not factored in the Tea-Party think and fears that an infrastructure project that would benefit the state enormously would actually **gasp** cost money, or that the $550 million Canada is offering to kick in for the bride amounts to foreign aid,

...and of course there's the little matter of a major republican donor, Matty Moroun, who owns the Ambassador Bridge which currently holds a monopoly on commercial traffic between Canada and the US in the Detroit-Windsor area....apparently he's not keen on the idea of a second bridge.

With a new governor, a new house and senate, the battle to build an additional thoroughfare at the busiest commercial border crossing in North America starts back at the beginning.

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