Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow day

The boy's school has been canceled today on account of snow.

I gotta say, though. The snow is deep but not that deep. And it's cold but not that cold. In fact it's downright warm, approaching 32 degrees. A balmy winter day. Though it's possible my standard of deep snow has changed from when I was 4 feet tall.

Why, back in my day, it seemed like the world had to crack in half, the snow had to be 47 feet high, the roads had to be glazed in an inch of ice before the school system would allow us to have a snow day. We had them once in a while.

But I clearly remember it.

I remember countless winter mornings when the snow poured from the sky like millions of tiny down feathers. My brother and I slowly at our coco-wheats, staring at the morning news or listening close to the radio for fear we might miss mention of our school system.

Today my son has a snow day. Though this time around there wasn't a radio announcement. At 6 AM I got a recorded call from the school system letting me know that school had been canceled.

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