Friday, January 28, 2011

Plant Shelter

Looking around the house, it occurs to me that most of the plants I have are rescued plants. I've kind of got a soft spot for scraggly abandoned or neglected office plants. I went through a period where every time I found a plant in its final death throes, in an office, or a bank, or a restaurant, I'd either take a clipping of it or just take the whole plant and bring it home. A good number of the plants I have are survivors of that era in my life...and while I'm not necessarily giving them the best life possible, they're surviving.

This one sheflera plant I've had for about 14 years I originally found when I noticed a nice looking pot on the ground. I picked it up and there was a plant attached to it that had been buried under a pile of dry leaves. The li'l fella had about 3 scraggly leaves of its own left, mostly yellowed. Managed to nurse that one back to...well...survivability. The kids have abused it recently, and the cats attack it from time to time for unknown reasons. But it gets outside in the summer and has an explosion of growth for a while util I bring it back in for the winter and it seems to regress again as it's subjected to monkies and cats.

I should probably give it some attention. It could probably stand to have a much larger pot, maybe some nice new soil.

Rescued a dying cincta cane and a palm parlor that are both prospering though. I have a cactus that seems to have been static for a decade. I'm...not entirely sure it's alive now that I think of it. It's green and hasn't really rotted yet. There's the christmas cactus that we nursed back to life from its last remaining segment that seemed to have formed roots in its own desperate attempt to come back to life. Now it's about 50 segments or more with new growth. Bloomed last year...didn't bloom this year. The mother in law's tongue has seen better's been severely attacked by the 2 year old and is about half the size it was a year ago. Weird thing about that plant...a couple years ago our living room had an amazing smell and we thought somethign was flowering outside...but we couldn't find it. Turns out the mother in law's tongue had grown these tiny little green flowers and was emitting a delicious, sweet, perfume smell for a week or so.


........that's all I have to say about house plants I guess.

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