Friday, September 23, 2011

Portraits of Wall Street - A Photostudy of Three Emotions

Somehow, somewhere, some lucky bastards with senior positions at various news agencies are New York Stock Exchange photographer, and they are the ones who take pictures of the stock brokers each day to sum up the day's or week's stock successes/faulures/non-issues.

It's always some dude with monitors in the background expressing emotion. Like so:

Here's the Happy Wall Street Guy to show that the stock market went up. You can see how he's smiling because he made more money that day.


Here's the sad Wall Street guy. You can tell how he has a sad emotion because he lost money. His hands are clasped over his mouth in horror. He probably lost a lot of money.


Okay, here's cautious Wall Street. They didn't MAKE much more than a couple million bucks apiece, but they didn't lose money either. All in all, a so-so kind of day.


And there you have it. The three emotions of Wall Street. Now it's going to bug you because you'll see these images all the damn time and they'll start to look stupid.

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