Thursday, September 22, 2011

"The Other 98%" Movement - It's on Facebook, Now. The Big Time!

Well, everybody knows it's not a Popular Movement until it's on Facebook, right? That's why I'm happy to find this site and facebook page called The Other 98%.

That 98%, by the way, is Americans who make under $250,000 per year. Are you one? If so, you may want to add your voice.

It's pretty simple, really. Many of us feel that Washington has only the interests of the high wage earners at heart. This isn't about taking away. This isn't about punishment. Most folks with money worked hard for it and deserve it.

But they don't deserve greater representation in DC.

This is about getting a proportional amount of attention paid to our issues and concerns.

Bloggers and many individuals at the grass roots level have been talking for a long time about the growing disparity between the attention DC gives to those with a lot of cash vs. the attention DC gives to the rest of us. It's awesome to start to see this important observation start to gain traction and get more notice.

When folks look around and suddenly start comparing notes and realizing they all feel the same way...that's when a real movement starts.

The Other 98% is a grassroots network of concerned citizens fed up with the status quo in Washington. We seek practical solutions to the many challenges facing America. We stand against the bankers, CEOs and lobbyists who have hijacked our democracy to serve themselves at the expense of everyone else.

Our Mission: We need a massive new movement to kick corporate lobbyists out of DC, hold our elected officials accountable, and fix our democracy to make Washington work for the other 98% of us.

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