Friday, September 2, 2011

Have fun, relax, enjoy nature and Lake Michigan, and for crying out loud don't drown

Hey guys.

Coming to West Michigan for Labor Day Weekend? Maybe going to [cue the echoing voice] THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN THE WORLD, Sleeping Bear Dunes? Maybe chilling at Hoffmaster State Park in Muskegon?

Anywhere along the West Michgian lakeshore?

Ahhh...perfect. Relaxing. Excellent beaches, nice food, huge dunes, woodlands and nature

Welcome. Just one thing. Don't drown. Okay? When you swim in the beautiful waters of Lake Michigan, DO NOT DROWN.

Got that?

Don't drown.

I've had it just about up to here with visitors coming to our beatuiful lakeshore and getting killed because of perhaps some bad luck, but also because perhaps they didn't have quite the right level of respect for the Great Lakes.

We lost another one today in Lake Michigan on one of my favorite beach spots just a couple miles from my home. That's horrible. This year has been a huge year for drownings and most of them have been out of state or inland visitors to our beautiful lakeshores. It's fantastic people are finally starting to discover the beauty of the region. Just...for crying out loud. Respect the Laket this weekend, and don't drown.

If there's a red flag...don't swim. If there's a yellow flag...swim with caution. Watch for boats if you swim out far. And...remember...the deeper you get, the colder the water and the more likely it is to be so cold that your muscles cramp or freeze up.

If you're caught in a rup current, DO NOT swim against it. And don't panic. Swim out of it, parallel to the shoreline.

Please be safe and have fun!

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hatchcrane said...

What would we do without the Coast Guard- 11/4/11 - Traverse City, Mich.- — Petty Officer 3rd Class Thomas McArthur, an aviation survival technician at Air Station Traverse City is recipient of the Silver Lifesaving Medal. McArthur, a native of Dunwoody, Ga., and a 2007 graduate of the Greater Atlanta Christian School, is credited with saving 12 lives from violent riptides at Frankfort Beach in Frankfort, Mich., on Aug. 15, 2010. At the time, McArthur was assigned to Coast Guard Station Frankfort and rescued the dozen swimmers while off-duty.

He was also recognized by the National Capitol Area Council Boy Scouts of America at their annual Scouting Salutes the Military event in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 27. A lifelong member of the scouting community, McArthur earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 2006.

For his heroism, as well as his many accomplishments, McArthur was named the Coast Guard's Shipmate of the Week.

According to Title 14 of US Code, which establishes Coast Guard lifesaving authorities, the Gold and Silver Lifesaving Medals may be awarded by the commandant of the Coast Guard to any person who "rescues or endeavors to rescue any other person from drowning, shipwreck, or other peril of the water." Posted at Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping (BoatNerd.Com)