Thursday, September 29, 2011

Please Help a Muskegon Community Garden win $500 and National Attention

A local, Musekgon community garden in a poor to low income neighborhood is currently coming in a close 3rd place to win $500 and some national attention from a write up in Mother Earth News...and all we need is a measly couple dozen more votes to push us over the edge to FIRST place.

Please take 45 seconds to vote in the Fabulous Food Garden contest. Create an account, skip all the account setup screens with the button on the lower left as you log in, and then vote for Love Community Garden!

I don't want to get down on the other gardens currently ahead of Love Community Garden. They're fine veggie gardens. But they're not producing fresh fruits and vegetables to poor communities, or providing fresh vegetables for home bound seniors.

For the people and by the people in downtown Muskegon, Michigan. We deliver food to home bound seniors while also having 12 families who grow all natural food for home use.

The organizer, Morning Bear, holds summer programs for area children to teach them how to garden and grow their own food. They hold community concerts there, and community art projects, and offer a gathering space for people who want to organize around something important for the community.

Love Community Garden is quite an accomplishment. It was started on an empty lot owned by a local church, and the community pitched in to create a rain barrel watering system, a community made pergola, a relaxing place to sit and smell wild flowers, or pick raspberries and strawberries, and blackberries. It's a learning center, and a place of peace and respite, and source of nourishment, and a gathering place for the community.

What could $500 do for this community garden? It could continue enriching the neighborhood where it grows.

You wanna see a ray of hopefulness? A thing of beauty? A world where people come together to make their tiny corner of the world the best place they can?

This is it. THIS is it.

Plus...whenever I need advice on my own organic garden, I know I can go down to Love Community Garden in the summer and Morning Bear will be there to give me some great advice.

Please take just a minute to vote for Love Community Garden in Muskegon, folks.



If you already voted yesterday You're allowed to vote again each day until the end of October! And it's much easier the 2nd time.

If this is your first time voting, here's how to do it
1. Click Sign Up in the upper right
2. Enter your name and login info and click On to the next step...
3. CLICK SKIP THIS STEP for the next three screens.
4. Now return to the contest page.
5. Click the image for Love Community Garden.
6. Click the large Vote Here image found below the image gallery for Love Community Garden.


Cathleen said...

Done and done. Very cool place!

Best of luck!

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