Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time to Embrace the Internet there, Traditional Media Folks

Sign the petition to stop SOPA and PIPA from destroying the Internet as we know it.

Pssssst...hey traditional media companies: The Internet has changed things for everybody. EVERYBODY. Small book stores and gift shops have taken a hit or closed down entirely. A 4th generation owned jewelry store in town closed its doors after 121 years in the community in part because people are now buying diamonds online. The store survived the GREAT DEPRESSION, but it did not survive the Internet.

All the small guys have already felt the burn as our leaders in Washington went about their....I guess it's called "business"... and Small businesses are just now starting to realize how to use the Internet to their advantage. Facebook. Twitter. Blogs. There's finally starting to be a decent cooperation between small business and the Internet. This new tool out there is a friend. Not just a's becoming a pillar FOR micro-businesses. A way to compete with the big guys.

But NOW the mega Media companies are feeling the burn. And that's different, isn't it? Now Washington is sitting up and taking notice. NOW, after two decades and billions of pages of content. NOW our leaders want to implement draconian changes that fundamentally alter the Internet.

Here's my advice to the large traditional media companies: Adapt.

Adapt. know...the REST of us did. The small guys HAD to.

Cramming laws like SOPA and PIPA through is going to be a disaster for small businesses all over again.

And besides....the arts are infinitely adaptable. The arts have seen continuous transformation over the centuries in how they're funded...

...roving minstrals performing in the town square for coins, street performers, street artists...

...kings and nobelmen being arts patrons, funding massive works of art and plays...

...the Catholic Church...government funding...corporate funding...


The current model of art as a mass produced product is a bit of an anomaly. And that train hasn't ended yet. It's chugging right along with plenty of money still to be had.

But the writing it on the wall. Adapt. Don't force the rest of us to have to adapt to you.

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