Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Beautiful Spring Day!

Ah spring!


The warm breezes, the melting snow the....wait a second....

OH! It's the middle of JANUARY, you say? In MICHIGAN?

That can't be right. It's 45 degrees outside. There's no snow. The birds are chirping, the squirrels are squirreling. The lakes are......this.....odd...liquidy consistency.


Where's the city of ice fishermen and their sacks of Miller Lite?

A couple weeks ago my older boy asked me if we could go ice fishing this year and I was like "YES! That sounds like FUN! Let's DO that."

And THEN we got THIS big snow and I felt sure that winter had FINALLY gotten off to a slow and late start, but a start anyway:


And that lasted all of two days before melting away. And here we are again. Obnoxiously sunny skies. GREEN GRASS. Warm breezes. Birds CHIRPING. PEOPLE JOGGING in SHORTS, for the love of god.

Ain't nachral. I know that Weather isn't Climate. But still.

This isn't the warmest January on record. That was in 2000. But I don't like it. Nosir. Not one bit.

The guy who sells huge chunks of firewood for an AWESOME price, who stops cutting when the winter sets in...he's STILL putting firewood out. It's FREAKING me OUT.


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