Friday, January 6, 2012

Muskegon Cash Mob Gets Mention in Wall Street Journal

This here is the Wall Street Journal right here...AND a friend of mine who made it happen:

Similar cash mobs have materialized in more than 20 cities from Norman, Okla., to Muskegon, Mich., most arranged by individuals who establish followings on Facebook and Twitter. The cash-mob organizers don't get any benefit in return.

I don't know where to start. I'm so freakin' proud of my friend. Known her since we were kids growing up in the same church.

We founded a group called the West Michigan Jobs Group, which championed an offshore wind farm. This friend of mine, she's the Vice President of the West Michigan Jobs Group and she, among many others, worked tirelessly and without a cent of payment to raise support and awareness for renewable energy and a new industry in West Michigan. We successfully helped lure a 100 MW wind farm to the Waste Water Treatment Facility. This friend of mine...She and I, we've known each other since we were small kids in bible school at the same Slovak church.

Now I don't want to go claiming that her actions are mine, or ours. Her actions are hers. And they've made a difference in a small corner of America. And got National Attetnion. But she's one of Us. She's dedicated to making her town a better place to live.

She organized a Cash Mob that brought people to a little known part of our community, and has helped independent businesses raise awareness of what they do, and bring traffic to an economically hard-hit part of our community.

What's a Cash Mob?

It's a large, organized descent on an independent business to raise awareness of it, bring people to an under-served and under-represented part of the city.

The boys and I attended the cash mob in a particularly hard-hit part of Muskegon. And while there we discovered in the same area an Asian market where we can buy some well priced miso soup mix that my older seven year old son loves, and some tiny red hot peppers that I love, some delicious wasabi peas, and mung-bean cakes, and noodles. And of course, a restaurant called Mia and Grace which serves mostly locally made foods, down to the ketchup which is made in the store from locally grown ingredients. All along this little strip on 3rd street in a place I rarely visit......

...the Cash Mob brought me there. And I learned about a completely new region of the city.


Bravo, friend and VP of the West Michigan Jobs Group.

We are TOTALLY going to drag this hard-hit region out of hardship and obscurity. We're so freakin' sick of things being hard.

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