Friday, January 13, 2012

The Good and Bad of Muskegon's Nov. 8.4% Unemployment Rate

The good news is, Unemployment in Muskegon for November 2011 was BELOW the national unemployment level!




8.4% BABY! We are ON OUR WAY! Down from a high of 15.5%....NOT BAD.

'course...back then our labor force was 84,193 people. Today it's 81,409 people. Hey, man...drop 2,748 people out of the workforce, and BAM...there you go. You've reduced unemployment levels.

But again, on the bright side, in December we had 74,581 employed folks compared to Feb 2010 when we had 71,123 employed people. So we ADDED 3458 jobs at the same time 2,748 dropped out of of the labor force.

Meet in the middle to 8.4% unemployment.

Still, we're down from 86,030 employed folks in Muskegon in 2006 when our employment was merely 7%. For the math impaired, that's about 11,449 fewer jobs today than we had just 6 years ago. WUMP...and our employment is just 1.4% added to the unemployment then. Cuz the workforce then was 92,915......11,099 folks more than in November (81,409)

Folks who dropped out of the labor force are folks who gave up. Can't blame 'em really. You can really only look for so long before you adopt an Aw Screw It attitude. Couple of years. Maybe three. Maybe more. You're in your early 20s and haven't had much experience to be highly sought at in the're in your 60s and nobody is looking to hire you figuring you're on your way out of the workforce permanently soon anyway. So you drop out. Screw it.

We've got quite a ways go to...but heck...we're on our way, I guess.

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