Monday, October 3, 2011

Michigan Republicans Raise Taxes on Low Wage Earners By $1000 per Year

I suppose I should be talking about this since it's on my beat, though Wizardkitten has an excellent diary about the Republican tax raises in Muskegon.

As it turns out, our Conservative representatives gleefully stripped downtown Muskegonites of the tax free Renaissance zone. The tax free Renaissance zone was set up to help a LITERALLY demolished city center lure people and businesses downtown to have a city center again. For some reason a tax free Renaissance zone was far too libertarian for our Tea Party congress so they...

...oh who am I kidding?

They stripped the tax free zone because there were mostly just poor poeple living there, and who gives a crap about them, right? Am I right?

Of course I'm right.

The Ren zone was mostly populated by low wage earners. If you're making 25,000 in downtown Muskegon, guess what? The Michigan Republicans raised your taxes by $1000 per year!


You'd think our State Senator Goeff Hansen would have given a crap...but he still gleefully rubber stamped the bill.


As did our State representative Holly Hughs.


They GLEEFULLY signed that bill. With gusto.

The very same bill that stripped young families of the state Child Tax Credit.

Folks are asking me all the time now, like they've JUST heard about it, "Is it true that we're losing the child tax credit this year?

I'm happy to tell them who punched their young family in the gut. Happy to tell them that Goeff Hansen and Holly Hughs JOYFULLY rubber stamped the bill that is raising their taxes by HUNDREDS and in some cases a THOUSAND dollars.

Middle class taxes: raised
Child tax credits for young families: scrapped
Food assistance: slashed
Help for the poorest citizens: retroactively slashed
Pensions: Taxed
Schools, police, fire departments: slashed

All to splash MORE and MORE and MORE money on the folks who don't seem to be hiring anybody right now. But I'm sure they're paying out some mad cash to Hansen and Hughs.

It can't be more direct. We're robbing regular Americans to give to the rich.

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