Monday, October 3, 2011

The Free Market Won't Fix the Toxic Algae Blooms

I'm not sure when the free market is supposed to come along and fix things...or when it becomes too expensive to throw taxpayer money at a problem to fix what regulation could have fixed CHEAPER. I think the All Republican Government in Ohio is testing those limits right now. They're spending millions.


The State of Ohio is spending MILLIONS of dollars battling toxic algae blooms. And not even in Lake Erie, but in a much, much smaller lake.

Ohio spent millions of tax dollars this summer fighting toxic, blue-green algae in Grand Lake St. Marys with chemicals, dredging equipment and nets.

Grand Lake St. Mary's...that's like way south of Lake Erie and near the border of Indiana.

What's Ohio doing about the algae blooms in Lake Erie? You know, the lake that generates over 10 BILLION dollars in economic activity?

Study groups.

Erie saw a record toxic-algae bloom spread across its western basin this year, adding to the “dead zone” where fish can’t live and threatening the lake’s $10 billion annual tourism industry.

A massive economic driver is in peril from toxic algae blooms, and the state can't muster the political will to do what needs to be done, through a sound economic regulatory framework.

Critics say that state officials know that farms and sewage-treatment plants are the biggest culprits but are reluctant to mandate changes.

Let's get a clue here.....the free market can't fix this.

The free market WON'T fix this.

Here's what happens when Lake Erie becomes a toxic dead zone: business dies or goes someplace else. It doesn't fix the problem. I just leaves.

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