Saturday, July 30, 2011

Michigan Unemployment Rises 4 Months in a Row

I don't appreciate this new trend.

This new old trend. I don't appreciate it at all. Not at all. Michigan's employment levels are once again on the decline. Three months ago the number of employed was 4,257,900, two months ago it was 4,257,500, last month it was 4,248,500, and this month it's 4,222,200. That's 35,000 jobs GONE in the past three months.

I don't appreciate that. I don't like it.

Ya know, I used to hear people talk about another Great Depression and my mind conjured up dusty images of dusty people in black and white, huddled together on an old wood trailer'd jalopy looking forlorn and defeated.

A return to that seemed so impossible and distant.

Not so much, now.

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