Sunday, February 13, 2011

No Asian Carp DNA Found in Lake Michigan : It's not too late to stop them

Nice. Some positive news here. So far no Asian Carp DNA has been found in Lake Michigan.

This is fantastic news.

It's by no means a reason to relax or let down our guard, and it doesn't detract from the DNA evidence of Asian Carp found beyond the electric barriers in the Chicago canal system meant to keep the carp at bay. However, it does show that if some carp were beyond the barriers, they are not yet in Lake Michigan and may not yet be in enough numbers to be a sustainable breeding population.

The news that no DNA has been found in Lake Michigan means it's not too late to stop or significantly slow the spread of Asian Carp.

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Cathleen said...

I see it got shot down again in the House. Feels funny to be on the side of Dave Camp here... (ewwww, but whatever).

Did you see the story about the northern snakehead? It can "survive out of water, move on land and breathe air."

Hey, I know the answer, let's cut funding for this too.

Aiyeee, run!