Sunday, February 20, 2011

More beer means more jobs

It's like I've been sayin'. There's a beer Renaissance in Michigan.

Michigan has had a rapid and steady climb as a craft beer producing state, now ranking 5th in the nation for most micro-breweries, with 80 and counting. I've occasionally been tagging along with a group of pals who get together at local bars to sample Michigan beers. By the sound of it, we could keep this tradition going for some time without sampling the same beer twice.

Interestingly, craft beer accounts for only 4% of all beer consumed in Michigan, with 2% being Michigan beers.

So there's a very very simple and pleasant way to help Michigan's economy: drink more beer. And introduce your pals to a yummy Michigan beer.

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Anonymous said...

Some great Michigan wines too, my favorite is St. Julian Winery.