Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Drying vs. Canning

In the world of food preservation, I'm starting to prefer drying over canning.

It's easy, there's a significantly lower botulism risk, it reduces the amount of space required to store food, and it saves a little bit of money on the canning itself since the jar lids, which can cost as much as much as 10 cents each, can be re-used.

The disadvantages are you can't dry as much stuff at a time as is possible with regular canning and re-hydrating the food takes some extra prep-time.

I just dried an entire two pound head of cabbage and it now fits nicely into a pint jar. Three pounds of dried onions fit easily into a quart jar. And twenty-one cups of dried carrots reduces down to about 2.5 cups. Ten pounds of potatoes fits into about 2 quart jars.


esp said...

As I understand it, there's also less of an energy cost, which is good whether your counting pennies or carbon. :)

I'm trying potatoes this week, I think.

Anonymous said...

What are you doing, slicing things up small and using one of those stack-able dehydrators? My X was into rock climbing, and he dehydrated a bunch of stuff for soup on the trail. Is it the same?