Monday, April 21, 2008

Spreadin' My Seed. Again.

Alas, my last seeds all molded. I think they were too wet. So now I've re-planted my starter seeds.

Take heed...I think that planting seeds directly into peat can be a bad and moldy scene because peat just holds in moisture like crazy. Even if the top gets dry, the peat in the center stays warm and wet and a nice environment for mold.

Based entirely on this theory and nothing else I've mixed an even dose of my sandy soil with the peat, and put pure sandy soil at the bottoms of the seed containers for drainage and then I put in my sandy-peat mix. Then I replanted my seeds. Maybe this will work.

This shouldn't be so difficult. I seem to remember preschool experiments where kids wrap seeds in paper towels and end up with full fledged plants. I will not be outdone by preschoolers. Or...or...I"ll buy my germinated seeds from preschoolers.

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Christopher said...

Whew. . . . I thought by your headline that you were having another kid already. Yikes.

I remember doing an experiment in 2nd grade, where I took three Tupperware containers sans lids, and filled them with garden soil, rocks, and sand from my sandbox, respectively. In each one I planted a single corn seed. The one in the rocks never germinated. The soil one did okay, but the sand one grew HUGE in just a few weeks.

I don't think that helps you in your current situation, but I thought it was kinda neat.