Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Peat and RePeat...

Last year I planted my seeds Right Into the Garden in early May and they never came up. I suspect they were eaten by worms or something because we didn't get much in the way of frost, leastwise not while I was awake. So I vowed that next time I'd start my vulnerable seeds indoors in a predator and frost-free environment. This year my seeds will wake up in a soft, warm bed of peat and flourish before I station them in the dry, barren tundra that is my garden and force them to spin the sunshine into food until they die or they can guess my name, which ever comes first.
I've developed a fondness for kohlrabi and beets, so this year there will be much kohlrabi. Oscar continues his obsession with carrots and tubers of all kinds. And for Julie there will be green onions, which she always seems to buy, and which always disappears, but I never recall actually eating it. Gus still likes formula but he'll get to touch the fleshy, earthy veggies. Of course we have the snow peas (grown on the chain link fence) and broccoli.

No corn this year, and no melons...I'm trying to have a large Veggie to Space ratio, and these just don't fit the profile. The only crawling plants I have are cucumbers (compulsory) and yellow squash (freak zucchini).

Oscar's birthday is coming up and Julie wanted me to post a picture of these DROOLIOUS cupcakes she just made for Oscar's PreSchool class...

And here's a sweet pic of the OscarGus brothers:

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esp said...

Hey, I suggest Wintersowing...its fun, uses garbage, and doesn't take up so much room inside.

After I harvest, I'll send you some of my Egyptian Walking Onion, a weird old plant that is used like green onion.