Tuesday, April 29, 2008


It's the end of April and I'm already sick of the election. Obama. Clinton. Clinton. Obama. The primaries have gone on just about long enough...and why? Because Michigan and Florida got bitch slapped for trying to challenge the electoral supremacy of the Almost All White states of Iowa and New Hampshire. Seriously...shouldn't states with healthy diversity like Michigan and Florida, states that represent the full spectrum of our citizenry, have more say in early primaries? I dunno...maybe I'm just insane.

If the Dems struck a compromise like the Republicans did, they'd have a clear candidate now, too and we could get on with the spankings.

I think that's it, really. I'm just chomping a the bit for the partisan spankings to get started...the low blows and pettiness that make a person pine for a simpler time when political rivals of old just dumped poison from a ring into each other's wine glasses...or maybe had ninjas stab them in bed. Now we have muck raking and mud slinging. Much uglier.

Can't we just put Clinton and Obama into a cage and not feed them or let them out until one emerges? Not civilized enough? Okay, how about we hook them up to electrodes and ask them world facts. First one to get five answers wrong gets 2400 volts...or as I like to call it, ElectRocuted.

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