Monday, November 7, 2011

Elizabeth Warren's Detailed Analysis of Challenges Facing Modern Families

There are two public figures I could listen to for hours: Robert Reich and Elizabeth Warren. I love their nerdy, occasionally whimsical style. They're both clearly very alarmed at the information they're presenting, while simultaneously geeking out with the numbers behind it and the act of discovery, as though they can both feel compassion for the human impact while rocking out with the data.

Here's a vid where Elizabeth Warren gives a thorough analysis and explanation of challenges facing the modern middle class American family. One thing she brings up which I had not before considered is the dangers involved with being financially on the edge when both adults in the family unit are working. Instead of having to bring 52 paychecks home per year, the family has to bring in 104. If one adult gets sick, there's no where else to go. There's nobody who can pick up the slack.

Anyway, it's a long vid, but VERY worth a watch. Anyway, it's Elizabeth Warren. When it's done you'll wish it was longer.

And for good measure, here's a cool vid with Robert Reich.

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