Tuesday, November 15, 2011



Michigan is among just a handful of states raising taxes on low-income working families while cutting taxes for other groups


In Michigan's case, low-income families will see their tax breaks shrink starting next year by about $260 million annually while businesses will get a $1.1 billion tax break starting in January and a $1.7 billion tax break the year after.



There's that.


Apples. My god apples are cheap at the farmer's market. FIVE BUCKS for a half bushel for seconds. THAT...that right there is cheap. Lots of cheap produce to be had. Or was. When it wasn't November. A little less now...now that it's November. But there's apples still. Lotta folks settling apples. Lots of apples.

Cheap damn apples.

I'm going to fucking dry them. And fucking turn them into fucking apple sauce. Cuz the fucking apples are so....damn....

DAMMIT DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY APPLES I could GET for the amount of MONEY slashed from the earned income tax credit ALONE?

THIRTY bushels.

Do you have any idea how HUGE a bushel is? Or potatoes...I found potatoes on sale for $1.50 for ten pounds. I could have gotten a TON of potatoes. Like, literally.

And that doesn't include the Michigan child tax credit that was slashed.


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