Friday, June 24, 2011

Snyders Policies Already Costing Michigan Jobs

And the economic carnage from Michigan Governor Rick Snyder begins...A solar plant is relocating from Brighton, Michigan to Portage, Indiana. They're taking with them over 500 jobs. Great news for Indiana, bad news for Michigan...and a direct result of Snyder's new tax policies.

First this

"Let's stop the tax credits"

-- Rick Snyder

Then this...

[Indiana] plans to provide up to $4.2 million in tax credits based on the [solar] company's job creation plan. The Austria-based company plans to invest more than $26 million in the Portage plant, which officials said would help the company meet global demand for solar electronic inverters.

And so, this...

A solar technology company is moving its North American headquarters from Brighton to northwest Indiana.

The Indiana Economic Development Corp. said Thursday that Fronius USA will relocate to Portage, Ind., where it plans to lease 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space and create up to 512 jobs by 2016.

Bravo, Michigan conservatives.


So rarely can one make such a direct line from fiscal policy to job losses. But this is a pretty clear case.

Well done, Conservatives.

It seems our reps have convinced themselves that taxes and tax credits actually played a role in Michigan's economic woes over the past several know...instead of being singularly attached to a crumbling domestic automobile industry.

Granholm and the Dems...and...well...pretty much EVERYBODY in Michigan seems to understand we desperately need to diversify our economy. Our conservative leaders seem to actually think our problem was simultaneously Too High taxation and Too Low taxation (in the case of tax credits).

Here we go again.

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