Monday, May 9, 2011

Michigan May Get High Speed Rail Money Turned Down by Florida

Great News! For people not in Florida.

Florida Governor TeaPartyVonWhatsHisFace has turned down $2.4 billion dollars in Federal money for high speed rail projects in the state of Florida. So the Federal Government is taking that money and giving it to states that DO want the cash, and it looks like Midwestern states will be among the recipients of that dough.
Federal officials appear ready to make a big down payment on the future of high-speed rail in Michigan and the Midwest.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood will visit Detroit on Monday, reportedly bringing federal money for a high-speed rail line between Detroit and Chicago.

In February, Florida turned back about $2.4 billion in federal aid for high-speed rail between Tampa and Orlando. Michigan and several other states have clamored for a share of that money.

LaHood's office would not release additional information Friday, saying only that he would make "a major announcement about high-speed intercity passenger rail" in New York on Monday morning and at the Amtrak station in Detroit's New Center that afternoon.

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This is great news for Michigan and much needed support for Detroit. Though I admit I'm a little bummed that the big line planned for Michigan is a Chicago to Detroit line likely to bypass the second largest, and growing, population center of Michigan the Muskegon-Holland-Grand Rapids region.

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