Thursday, December 9, 2010

There is no ambiguity. Obama stoppped America's economic slide.

This is black and white. Unambiguous. No gray area.

Barack Obama's actions over the past two years stopped America's economic slide.

There's a massive difference between losing hundreds of thousands of jobs per month and actually gaining jobs at all.

Stasis would be better than losing hundreds of thousands of jobs per month.

Anybody curious about what would have happened without Federal intervention really only needs to look at Michigan for the past 10 years. From 2000 to the end of 2009 the state almost consistently lost jobs -- over 800,000 of them, save for a brief period in 2006 where the state gained jobs. Besides that it was a brutal, nearly decade long shedding of jobs.

When did it stop?

It stopped when the Federal Government, under Barack Obama, chose to step in and put a stop to the decade long slide.

The "hands off" approach of Washington for eight years did absolutely nothing. It just let an economy crumble, and millions of people and their families face economic uncertainty and hardship for the better part of a decade.

Without the Federal intervention lending a hand to manufacturers, creating tax incentives for small businesses, and using Federal subsidies to jump-start new industries, Michigan would have continued its slide.

We had already seen the result of Federal inaction and the "hands off" policy. It was time to try something new. And it worked. It worked dramatically. It was the difference between 36 consecutive months of job losses and a year of ANY job gains at all. It was the difference between a continuous shedding of jobs to the tune of over 800,000 jobs, and ANY job gains at all.

In the case of Michigan, we've seen the highest job growth in a 9 month period since 1997 at 65,000 jobs gained.

For those folks out there who think our president either did too little or did too much in the past to year: The effectiveness of his actions have made a difference between night and day. On a national level, the US recession and the shedding of jobs thankfully lasted only 2 to 3 years. It wasn't a prolonged ten year Demon Drop of jobs. But it EASILY could have been that and worse.

The US is gaining jobs again. Most states, after shedding hundreds of thousands of jobs in a short two year span, are actually creating jobs again. And though it may be's the RIGHT DIRECTION.

There is no ambiguity.

This is black and white.

There is no gray area.

Barack Obama stopped America's economic slide, and turned this nation around for the better.


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