Monday, December 27, 2010

Care about the environment? You're a filthy communist.

Yarh...Russ Harding drives me insane. Russell Harding of the militantly-rightest Mackinac Center for Public Policy, seems like a teenager just saying stupid crap for shock value these days. Him and Marilyn Manson are best buds.

Russ Harding, prior director of the Department of Environmental Quality, has recently gone so far as to proclaim that
all environmentalists are Commies. Pinkos.

Do you care about the environment?
You're a communist. A filthy, hideous, fluoridating communist.

The environmental movement has been likened to a watermelon — green on the outside and red on the inside. Most environmentalists would not consider themselves socialists, much less communists, but the policies they support in the name of saving the planet almost always sacrifice individual liberty for central government control.

Fighting global climate change, which has become the defining issue for environmentalists, is the perfect vehicle to exert control over every aspect of Americans' lives, from the type of cars we drive to the light bulbs we are allowed to use in our homes. The environmental movement knows that if the government controls energy, they control virtually every aspect of modern life in America. Global climate change is also the perfect issue to advocate for one-world governance, as air knows no national boundaries.

But that's not even the strange part.

The strange part is how Russ Harding of the Mackinan Center for Public Policy arrives at this conclusion:

Politicians may campaign on promises of change and a new way to govern. However there are really only two ways to govern: reliance on individual freedom and support of free markets, or rule by the political elite who decide what is best for the people.

That's right...there are only two ways to govern. Psychotic left or psychotic right.

Our friend Harding sees no alternative between the two. There's no allowance for moderation in Harding's world. For one of the foremost conservative think tanks in the US, the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, there is no room for moderation. There can be no environmentalist Conservatives...because there can be only psychotic communist environmentalists.

This is the hallmark of a radicalism. The inability to see an alternative to hardline, monochromatic thinking. A world of black and white.

Russ Harding and the Mackinac Center for Public Policy are far outside the Mainstream of American thought. They are militantly radical in their thinking, working to push America into a direction based solely on dogma. Not results.

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