Saturday, June 7, 2008

Radishes, Chard, Dill, Wild Honey. Yes! Don't Worry So Much About The Farm Eggs Next Time Though.

Our first drop-off from the Community Supported Agriculture thing came today. Tom Vandenbosh from our CSA brought all sorts of delicious things, a bunch of radishes, some greens, fresh herbs, and some incredible honey from wild bees.

He also brought farm fresh eggs. I know you know where this is leading. I have a pretty open mind, and I think of myself as having a pretty realistic view of how raw and ragged some non-processed food actually looks. Some of the radishes have cracks, and I wouldn't have been surprised to find bugs on them that have to be washed off. But I draw the line at farm fresh eggs...I wince every time I crack one open, and peek inside to see if there's going to be a little surprise in there. We have about a dozen farm fresh eggs, all different colors, and all different sizes from huge and blueish, to about the size of a kumquat and brownish. The outsides of the eggs have stains and stuff on them. None of this stuff bothers me. I find it all very neat and charming to see all these mismatched eggs...and they were delicious. Of course I cracked one of the teeny tiny ones open today and there was some blood mixed in with the broken yolk. Nothing recognizable. Just the beginnings of veins. *shudder* I just can't handle foetal chickens. No no no no no. That's where I draw the line. I don't want to be picking beaks out of my pancakes.

Fortunatly, he won't be bringing eggs every week. These were samples in case we want to buy more. Nope. I'll be sticking with the veggies and maybe I'll go for more of that fantastic honey. I love the idea that Tom will be bringing by a supply of fresh veggies every week. The weather has been warm and wet and Tom says they expect a good harvest this year. Yay!

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