Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Big Stack o' Cellulose

I have a little over two cords of wood already, with two more on the way...I just have to transport the wood to my house. I still have to finish cutting my tree. It's reduced to a wide trunk with no branches. I made my first cut into the main trunk last Friday. It went off without incident and yielded a log quite difficult to carry. Actually...I didn't even try. I just rolled it near my wood pile. I should probably cut it in half. Another unforeseen problem with cutting my tree is the pile of twigs that I didn't really consider. I have to do something with all these twigs and small branches. Bon fire? Leaf disposal site? OH! Speaking of which, I can get a permit from the city to cut wood I find at the leaf disposal site. Electric companies and landscaping companies routinely drop off large branches and tree trunks. Big dorks like me are allowed to cut those up and take them home.

My friend Art has a couple of dead oak trees in his yard which he has given me rights to. The only trouble is...they're still standing. I've never felled a tree before, let along felling a tree in an urban setting. *gulp*

I hope to have close to 7 cords by October, and then I want to constantly stay one year ahead on my wood supply because wood needs a full year to dry.

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