Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'd Advise MI Republicans to Support the Green to Gold Renewable Energy Tech Initiative

**cough** I'd advise our Republican reps to take the new Green to Gold bill seriously, considering a solid majority of Americans of all political stripe support the renewable energy transition.

The new bill (Bill 5599) introduced by Rep. Charles Brunner - D of Bay City is a loan program (LOAN program) for providing incentives and low interest loans to small, green energy tech businesses in Michigan. It's a loan program (LOAN program) that provides capital to entrepreneurs, builds a new industry to diversify our economy, creates jobs...and helps to make Michigan a leader in renewable energy.

The Renewable Energy issue enjoys majority support from all parties. If Republicans choose to ignore the will of the people on this, the bill will be a nice cudgel to clobber Republicans during the election year.

Bill 5599, which Brunner introduced late last week and is certain to face Republican challenges in the Legislature, would provide loans and other economic development incentives to qualified businesses. This green to gold revolving loan fund would be created in the state treasury. The money would come from a variety of sources, including local, state and federal revenues, as well as private contributions.

"It's not a tax giveaway," Brunner said. "Companies receiving a loan must provide good-paying jobs that offer medical benefits."

The bill would also require loan recipients to set clear job creation requirements that must be met twice during the duration of the loan. If a company fails to meet its job-producing obligations, it would face higher interest rates on the loan, officials said.

Sounds good to me.

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