Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Dad on Limbaugh "You sleazy pedophile"

My father has always did have a way with words.

To Rush Limbaugh: I know this this wonderful young lady (about 12 years old) who was having painful monthly periods. She was prescribed birth control pills because it was known to the doctor that there was something in them that made monthly periods less painful. She is not a slut and she is not a prostitute. However, I am certain that you would enjoy watching her have sex, you sleazy pedophile.

This, of course, in response to Limbaugh's suggestion that women who are using birth control which is paid for by insurance are, by that fact, whores because they're being paid to have sex. Get it? And if they're whores and if Limbaugh is paying for it as part of the same insurance pool, Limbaugh says he be able to watch them have sex.

Creepy fucker.

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