Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Boy, He Suggests We Drink Milk From Grass Fed Cows

"What do you mean everything is made out of corn?"

"Well, what do the cows eat?"


"And the chickens?"


"And when the cows eat the corn, their bodies are made of corn, so when we eat the cows, our bodies are made of....."

My boy covered his head and laughed for a bit and threw up his hands "CORN!"

"And milk is made of"


"And we're omnivores, which means what?"

"It means we eat EVERYTHING"

"YES! And if we eat only one thing it's terrible for us."

"But dad!"


"Country Dairy, when we went there for our school field trip....they said their cows only ever eat grass!"



"I had no idea."

"Yeah! So maybe we should buy their milk!"

"Yeah...let's do that."

The house I've long admired down the street, the small one with the huge lot that used to have a pile of logs in the back and boxes of wood with a sign on it saying "Wood $3. Good size pieces" -- the one that now has a solar array and a chicken run in the back. It has a sign along side the road that says "Fresh eggs."

This may be just the opportunity I've been looking for to snoop on the home owner's land and talk to him. OH! And buy some local eggs.

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