Friday, November 13, 2009

Small Victories on Keeping Green Jobs in the US


There's traction on the Keeping Green Jobs in the US front, thanks to Senator Stabenow, Congressman Dave Camp, and Senators Menendez and Bennet and a bill offering tax credits to businesses that create solar cells here in the United States. " They estimate that the tax credits in this legislation will generate 315,000 new domestic jobs. "

Are US Solar Jobs Here To Stay? Senators Fight for a Yes.

Stabenow, Camp Announce BiPartisan Solar Manufacturing Jobs Creation Act

And don't forget senator Senator Schumer who has been calling to deny Stimulus money to the Texas wind farm that's sending most of the manufacturing to China, and he's pushing for review and oversight of how Federal stimulus funds are spent:

Schumer Calls for Review as Millions in Stimulus Funds Aid Foreign Firms

Keeping green jobs in the US with conditional offerings is a must for both jobs, and to retain popular support for a green economy and alternative energy. People are starting to make noise about this issue, and our representatives are hearing us.

For some background on this issue, please see my articles on the DailyKos

2000 More Green Jobs Sent to China


Already Offshoring Our Green Manufacturing Revolution

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Don M said...

September their is a "new" military study created for “change” coinciding with the Coast Guard 20 year plan, and the EPA, — over two years after Senator Boxer killed the legislation created by the largest elected legislative voice of the American people,– they will meet to discuss their “new findings” and might have “new” recommendations. Will they continue on a slow course for change to protect foreign economic interest, or will they speed up mandatory requirements allowing faster protection of our waters and economic growth for our country?
The following report for Congress in DEC 2009 explains that national ballast water legislation would do the same thing as tariffs, plus protect our environment from the carbon footprint and dirty water trail of foreign ships bringing foreign manufactured imports into our country, stealing jobs from Americans. “Although estimates of the costs of ballast treatment may be imprecise and vary from vessel to
vessel, there is some general agreement on average costs.14 For example, it may cost an estimated $400,000 per vessel for modification of container/bulk vessels to use onshore ballast water treatment facilities at California ports. More generally, the cost of retrofitting vessels to treat
ballast water has been estimated at between $200,000 and $310,000 per vessel for mechanical
treatment and around $300,000 for chemical treatment.15 Most of this expense will be borne by
foreign shipping companies, as the U.S. flag fleet is a small percentage of the global fleet,16 and
likely passed along to consumers of products imported on these ships.”