Monday, November 3, 2008

Liberal Bias in the Everything

So I've been reading lately. It's a mega-conservative blog. And the most common thread there is about Liberal bias...

...and there's liberal bias everywhere. Just prior to the election the big uproar is with the liberal bias in the Polling. Apparently every active pollster in the world including the "conservative" Fox, Rasmussen, and the Mason-Dixon pollsters are in on some nefarious scheme to make Obama APPEAR AS THOUGH he's distantly ahead in national and some battleground state polls.

Why? Just to be assholes, apparently.

So we have liberal bias in the media, in polling, in primary education, in college education, in science, in Hollywood, in most of the world, in video games (video games!?!), in the Internet, in the United Nations, and my personal favorite...a liberal bias in Economists and Fed chairmen Ben Bernanke. Yes, as more economists point to Obama's plan as preferred over McCain's, folks are now screaming liberal bias in the field of economics.

Why, everywhere you turn, the institutions of our civilization seem to ooze with liberal bias. Everybody just wants to keep the poor conservatives down. It's not like lthey've dominated congress for 6 of the past seven congressional electoral cycles, or the presidency for 5 of the past 7 presidential electoral cycles or anything. Poor poor conservatives, so out in the cold, struggling just to have their voices heard amidst a world that seems to tell them that they're constantly and hopelessly wrong about so many things. Reality itself seems to have taken on a liberal bias, trying to make Republicans look bad on the economy and stupid on national policy.

But it's not real. It's only liberal bias.

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