Saturday, September 6, 2008

Two Lies Every Obama Supporter Needs To Counter

There are two lies we need to inoculate the electorate from:

1) The lie that Obama has done nothing
2) The lie that Obama doesn't reach across the aisle

1. Obama works his ass off for us

1399 is the number of laws Obama sponsored, co-sponsored, and authored as a US Senator alone. Memorize it. Pass it on. McCain and Palin are going across the country spreading the notion, the lie, that Barack Obama has done nothing in his three years as a US Senator.

We need to call Obama's critics on their bullshit.

Remember These Numbers

He sponsored 820 laws
He Co-Sponsored 427 laws
He Authored 152 laws

And remember, before he was a US Senator, he was a State Senator of Illinois for six years. He has 11 years experience as a statesperson.

More info can be found here:

When Obama's detractors yell the lie "Zero" in regards to Obama's legislative recored, hammer them with those numbers.

Remember...Obama has Sponsored, Co-sponsored and WROTE 1399 laws in just 3 short years. That man works his ass off for us. He deserves respect from his opposition, and He Will Be our president.

Here's a list of some of Obama's bill's that became law
  1. Lugar-Obama Nonproliferation Legislation
  2. Honest Leadership and Open Government Act (S. 2180)
  3. Congressional Ethics Enforcement Commission Act (S. 2259)
  4. Transparency and Integrity in Earmarks Act (S. 2261)
  5. Curtailing Lobbyist Effectiveness through Advance Notification, Updates, and Posting Act (S. 2179)
  6. Medicare Informed Choice Act (S. 1841)
  7. National MEDiC Act (S. 1784)
  8. Hospital Quality Report Card Act (S. 2359)
  9. Federal Employees Health Benefits Program Efficiency Act (S. 2247)
  10. Attacking Viral Influenza Across Nations Act (S. 969)
  11. Healthy Communities Act (S. 2047)
  12. Healthy Places Act (S. 2506)
  13. Genomics and Personalized Medicine Act of 2006 (S. 3822)
  14. Lead-Free Toys Act (S. 2048)
  15. Home Lead Safety Tax Credit Act (S. 2053)
  16. Great Lakes Environmental Restoration Act (S. 508)
  17. Climate Stewardship and Innovation Act (S. 1151)
  18. Mercury Market Minimization Act (S. 3627)
  19. Missing Mercury in Manufacturing Monitoring and Mitigation Act (S. 3631)
  20. Combat Meth Act (S. 103)
  21. Community Oriented Policing Services (PL 109-162)
  22. Dru’s Law (S. 792)
  23. Violence Against Women Act (S. 1197)
  24. Chemical Safety and Security Act (S. 2486)
  25. Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (which became Public Law 109-144)
  26. Spent Nuclear Fuel Tracking and Accountability Act (S. 1194)
  27. Innovation Districts for School Improvement Act (S. 2441)
  28. Summer Term Education Programs for Upward Progress Act (STEP UP) (S. 2149)
  29. HOPE Act (Higher Education Opportunity Through Pell Grant Expansion Act) (S.697)
  30. Lane Evans Veterans Health and Benefits Improvement Act (S. 3988)
  31. Sheltering All Veterans Everywhere Act (SAVE Act) (S. 1180)\
  32. Homes for Heroes Act (S. 3475)
  33. Lane Evans Veterans Health and Benefits Improvement Act (S. 3988)

2. Obama works his ass off for us with all parties

Yes, Obama has reached across party lines...
  • 2007 Lugar-obama transparency Act nonproliferation bill
  • 2007 Coburn-obama transparency act
  • 2005 legislation calling on FEMA to rebid no-bid katrina reconstruction contracts
  • 2005 tax credit for safely removing lead-based paint hazards from residences
  • 2006 coal-to-liquid fuel promotion act
  • 2007 fair pay restoration act
  • 2007 keep americans warm act
Obama Has Challenged his Own Party:
  • He voted for a tort reform measure which angered trial lawyers and members of his party
  • He voiced support for merit based pay for teachers, directly challenging the Teachers Union.

The Republican Tom Coburn of Oklahoma said this of Obama:

"He has admirable qualities. He does reach out. And he has a good staff, and we've worked together on a couple of things, and it's been a pleasure to work with him."

Republican Gordon Smith of Oregon says this of Obama in his own re-election ad

""Who says Gordon Smith helped lead the fight for better gas mileage and a cleaner environment?....Barack Obama. He joined with Gordon and broke through a 20-year deadlock to pass new laws, which increased gas mileage for automobiles. Gov. Ted Kologoski praised their bipartisan partnership."

Spread the word.

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