Saturday, August 16, 2008

For God's Sake, Don't Just Stand There! PUNCH HIM!!!!



Look. I recognize and appreciate your attempt to make a civil bid for the White House. But let's be clear about something...from a historical standpoint where poisoned food and daggers to the back have been the norm for people trying to seize power, slanderous Television Ads ARE civil.

You're vying for one of the most POWERFUL OFFICES in the HISTORY of the WORLD. This is no time for civility. This needs to be a savage, all out, ball cracking fight. And if that doesn't get you out on the dance floor, think of Poor Eric over here who has to wait four years for a good presidential slug fest, and right now all I"m getting is a punching bag.

For GOD'S SAKE...DO something. Get out there and HIT McCAIN, that doddering, crazy, angry old man, in the sack! George Bush's campaign humiliated his whole family on the National stage and he goes crawling back to him like a beaten housefrau. There's PLENTY to attack on this guy. Just HIT HIM! HIT HIM HARD and don't let him get back up. Start NOW.

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