Thursday, May 8, 2008

FINALLY...Great Lakes freighers' ballast water to be flushed with sea water by 2009

This news makes me crazy-happy. New legislation is on the table to require ocean-faring ships to flush their ballast with sea water before entering the great lakes, cutting down on introduction of invasive species when these ships dump their ballast water here. This is how the blasted zebra mussel found its way here from the Caspian Sea. Same with the goby, and that crazy toxic algae from Mars or someplace. Recently Muskegon Lake became a new home for the blood red hemimysis anomala, a type of shrimp from Europe.

Seriously, it's about frickin' time. I like this new way of thinking of the Great Lakes as something other than the Biggest Fisherie on Earth, a way to ship iron ore, or a convenient way to dilute our sewage. Thanks to U.S. Rep. Dale E. Kildee from Flint for pushing on this legislation. But of course, of COURSE Bush is threatening to veto this bill. I mean, of COURSE he is, right? I mean, how could he NOT? His one last act of pointless evil before leaving office. Asshole.

Well...if the bill passes, I'll be thrilled. Then we'll just have to slam the door on water diversions and plug that hole in Lake St. Claire and things will be looking up for my Lake.

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